keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013

Day 262 - A talk with my Dad (test in "self-writing").

Some time ago I talked with my father about the second world war. I had watched close to 40 hours long BBC coverage on WW2 and we then talked this and that about it, as he knew quite a bit as well.

As the conversation relaxed I told him that I find his generation interesting (the one that came before me) from the perspective that I've heard many over 50-year-olds say that they "tried to be a "wall" from which what they had experienced "will not go onward" to the next generation. I then said that "You guys had to live with the war without having been in the war" and that "it must have been quite the challenge".

He then told me that my grand father was a messenger for the officers, and that he didn't see any of the "real stuff", with a kind of a shrug that almost seemed like "where ones dad was during the war" was what "made a home" when he was growing up with his own generation.

I gotta ask him. Others too!

P.S: Out of town from today to the weekend so I will not post in a few days and I will publish several in one day when I get back.

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